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Launch as a Gumroad Alternative?

Drew Dillon
Dec 9, 2022

Yes, on December 17th Gumroad announced it’s raising it’s transaction fees to 10% for all creators. OUCH.

Here’s a breakdown of the Gumroad transaction fee increase. Luckily we have a solution for you that’s only a 1% transaction fee 🙌 Read below for details…

Luckily Launch by Burb handles recurring memberships and offers tier based pricing and the best part, it’s only 1% if you sign up (for free) before the end of December. Sign up here,

Sign up for the Launch beta (end of Dec) to lock in 1% + standard Stripe fees lifetime. There's no monthly fee, so it's basically free until you get paid.

Onto the Questions...

What is Launch for?

Launch is for setting up landing pages and recurring billing for memberships, regardless of the platform. From groups/chats on public social to paid spaces like Slack and Discord.

Can coaches use Launch?

Absolutely! Coaches were one of the first groups that inspired Launch. A high ticket mastermind or accountability doesn't always make sense on a paid platform, sometimes it's just a Zoom.

We want to help these folks get started fast.

Do you support EU VAT?

Definitely possible, but not quite yet. We are moving quickly, we released three new features last week.

We'll be sending out a survey to users in the next week, where you can vote to prioritize VAT.

Do you support different tiers?

Yup! Right out of the box, no additional cost.

Do you support upsells/downsells?

Not quite yet, but this is pretty easy to do, just UI, not big functionality.

Like the question above, sign up and you can vote on the next set of features we prioritize.

What currencies do you support?

USD, Euro, Pound, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar. Assuming Stripe supports your region, it's also pretty easy to add to this list.

Do you support additional payment methods beyond Stripe (PayPal, Google Pay, crypto)?

Not currently. These integrations are a little more involved.

We'll most likely prioritize providers for regions Stripe doesn't support, like the middle east, latin america, and Africa.

What about India?

Stripe does support India. We don't have the Rupee yet, but let us know!

Can you sell digital products?

Not at the moment. This is a beta and our focus is really on memberships, so we built everything around recurring payments.

But, if this is something membership providers also want, I'm sure we'll get there.

Will you jack up your prices?

No. 1% + cc fees (our beta offer for this month) lifetime means lifetime.

Have more questions, we’re here to help. We get how frustrating it is when you work so hard to. build a business only to be hammered by unexpected fees. Burb has your back. Contact us here:

Ready to Launch 🚀

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