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Build a community onboarding flow with Burb's new Automations feature

Danielle Maveal
May 23, 2022

🤖 Big news! Burb's Automation Builder is now live. 🤖

Once you've connected your apps (ex. Circle, Teachable, Slack) with Burb, this feature gives you the power to automate many tedious and manual workflows. We'd love to show you how to put this new feature to automate community onboarding, so keep on reading!

Keep in mind, while we think automations can save you time and are very valuable, new community creators should onboard their members manually. Why? Getting down the tone, timing, and sequences right is quite important. Once you've settled on a good flow that can be repeated and personalized, then it's time to automate!

We've had many of our beta users ask how they can trigger an onboarding workflow once a lead has paid for a membership on Circle (or Teachable!). Perhaps you want paying members to be added to a specific Circle space, to have a tag added to their profile, and a personalized direct message to be sent? Burb can help you with that!

I’m going to show you how to create an onboarding workflow:

  • Triggered by the purchase of a Teachable course
  • Invites your new community member to your Circle community space
  • Sends them a direct messages (from you!).
  • Lets the team know a new member has joined in a private channel

First, sign up for your Burb account, of course. Then follow along with the video below.

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