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Free template: Course Ops in a Box

Danielle Maveal
May 23, 2022

We are so excited to launch our new (and free!) Course Ops in a Box AirTable template! This template gives you one place to organize and track your online course operations — from onboarding, setting up a student directory, organizing accountability groups, goal & assignment tracking, and project planning.

Use this template to

✔️ ️Manage the student roster

✔️ Match accountability groups

✔️ Embed your student directory

✔️ Collect and track assignments

✔️ Onboard students

✔️ Schedule events and track attendance

✔️ Stay on top of tasks cohort-by-cohort

Download the Template

Beta users can sync their template with Burb to automatically add students to community spaces and course content! Burb gives give you a powerful place to track activity (community, course progress, and event attendance) and send reminders through your community space to support engagement through the whole course.

Join the waiting list to become a beta user!

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