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Rock your course back office with Ops in a Box

A free Airtable template for simplifying and centralizing the operations behind your course.

If you run an online course and you're frustrated:

  • Uploading and downloading CSVs across site builders, payments, email marketing, learning management, and events apps
  • Digging through a forest of zaps to find bugs
  • Struggling to get a clear picture of where your students are in their course journey
Course Ops in a Box by Burb - Everything you need to run operations for an online course | Product Hunt
"Course Ops is a fantastic all in one system for course creators to keep track of their operations and watch how students are progressing!"

Use this template to

Manage the student roster
Match accountability groups
Embed your student directory
Collect and track assignments
Onboard students
Schedule events and track attendance
Stay on top of tasks cohort-by-cohort
Collect course evaluations

Grab the template before December 17th and get access to a custom build of our Course Ops in a Box with a member of the Burb team! Once submitted, check your email to book a session.