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What a Community Manager Does and How To Be a Great One

Pedro Hernandes
Dec 9, 2022

An online community can be a powerful tool to bring people together. Whether it’s a virtual workplace, a study group, a religious organization, or just a place to hang out with friends, online communities provide a space for people to come together over a shared interest. Every online community is unique, as are its members. Therefore, they will need someone to handle the growth, structure, maintenance, and moderation of the community in a way that is equally as unique. These people are referred to as community managers. 

What are the Requirements of a Community Manager?

When it comes to implementing the role of community manager into your company’s online community, there are a few elements of this to consider. As every company has its own values and goals, a good community manager’s values and goals should reflect them. When your leadership team starts looking for someone to appoint to this position, they’ll need to have a detailed understanding of a few different aspects of your company (including things like company values, salary, benefits, etc.).

What exactly will the person you appoint community manager be responsible for, though? What tasks and expectations will they be required to accomplish? While the specifics of a community manager’s job description may vary depending on the unique qualities and needs of your business, there are a few general things that all community managers could expect to see.

Community Managers Responsibilities

To start with, a community manager should have at least a vague understanding of all of the roles within your company. Some aspects may require them to have a more in-depth understanding than others. In addition, they will be responsible for managing the community, as the name suggests. 

The role of “managing a community” can be further broken down into more specific responsibilities. To start with, they will have to be able to moderate and regularly take part in the community they are attempting to manage. This means that they will have to have the time to be available when their moderation abilities are needed by members of the community. If they have a busy schedule and will barely be able to check up on things, they probably aren’t the best candidate. 

To add to the point of community engagement, they will also have to be able to provide relatively frequent content creation of fairly high quality. This may include formal content on the company’s social media to grow the community as well as less formal everyday content (i.e. participating in chats and community-building exercises) in order to boost the engagement of current community members. 

Another responsibility that will be placed upon them is using the aforementioned community engagement to gain information and feedback that they can then relay to other parts of the company to increase quality. They could ask community members about things like what kind of changes they would like to see and what their previous experiences with the company have been like. This can then be used to help the customer service, production, and sales departments improve the way they do things.

What Makes a Good Community Manager?

As previously mentioned, a community manager should have a general understanding of the roles other people have within the company. A good community manager will have the skills needed to go from one task to something completely different with ease. They should be able to alternate work methods as needed and learn new skills and work processes quickly when they need to. 

A community manager will also be in charge of making sure things run smoothly. Therefore, a good community manager is well organized and will be able to effectively handle time management in order to manage daily and long-term tasks simultaneously across a multitude of projects. Fortunately, there are some tools (like Burb) available to them that can help make this process significantly easier. 

The world of technology is constantly growing and evolving. A good community manager must be flexible enough to keep up with this ever-changing world as one of the main operators of whatever platforms the company’s online community is running on. They need to be able to handle the collaboration of efforts across any and all platforms and software that the company uses as well. 

All of these traits come together to make someone a good community manager. There’s one main aspect that can take a good community manager and make them into a great community manager, though. That would be their people skills. As someone that’s in charge of managing and moderating the platforms that a company’s community is built on, they’re also partially in charge of managing the people within said community. 

Community Manager Values

To truly be a great community manager, you have to have empathy, outstanding communication skills, and (in certain scenarios) a decent bit of patience. A great community manager can get their point across clearly and concisely, leaving no room for confusion. They are also able to avoid sounding demanding, condescending, or patronizing in the process.

A great community manager has the empathy needed to put themselves in other people’s shoes and understand things from their perspective when need be. Without it, they will struggle not to see things from their own subjective standpoint and inadvertently do their job from a biased standpoint. They’ll also need to be fairly patient, as not everyone will have the same knowledge and skills that they do, and it may take a bit longer to get them up to speed than they might like.

Is Being a Community Manager a Good Job?

Being a community manager, also sometimes referred to as the leader of a community, chief community officer, or executive, may sound like quite a burdensome task. So, why would people want to take up this role? Do the benefits outweigh the responsibilities? 

One of the first things people tend to take into consideration when looking for a job is how much money they’ll be making. On that note, the average full-time community manager salary in the United States tends to be around $57,000 annually, which is well above the national average for a general work position. 

The most common thing that community managers say they like about their job isn’t the money, though. It tends to be the fact the people they work with. They get to give back to their company’s online community by inspiring people and giving them the encouragement to be the best they can be. A lot of community managers talk about the joy they get from working with people that are passionate about what they do and dedicate themselves to the trade.

Using Burb for Community Managers Operations

Being a community manager comes with a lot of responsibilities, but you can make it all easier with tools like Burb. Burb has everything you need to operate your online community, encourage growth, and engage with community members. It gives you more time to connect with the members of your community while we deal with the heavy lifting.

For help getting your community running smoothly and making the community management job easier than ever before, go to to get started. We’ve got integration capabilities for a large number of platforms, including things like Slack, Discord, and even Google Workspace.

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