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Free Notion Template for Course Creators and Community Builders

Danielle Maveal
Dec 9, 2022

At Burb, we’re building a platform to help creators with communities –– whether they’re running a cohort-based course or membership community. We know it’s hard to manage all of the moving pieces that go into a community-first business and we’re committed to building tools that remove the friction between you and your community. 

When working with our first beta users, we noticed two big issues: first, student or community engagement can be tough, even when you’re offering incredible content, events, and activities. Second, supporting a larger cohort or community often can be taxing –– especially when you’re communicating through multiple platforms. 

These two pain points can be the death of a program. They can easily cause students to feel overwhelmed or confused, not knowing what next step to take (or even how to log into the Zoom call happening in 5 minutes!). 

There has to be a better way.

That’s why we built the Student Home Template – a centralized place where your students or members can go to find everything happening week-over-week. From upcoming events, assignments, to one-time ‘To Dos’ (like joining your community platform), this free Notion template is fully customizable –– we hope you’ll make it your own! 

Give your students a home –– one place to see what is going on, check off tasks, and track their own progress. 

We hope that giving your students a place to see tasks, view upcoming events, know what assignments are due and how to submit them, and even view a directory of other members, will help increase course or program completion, event attendance and community engagement. Put it to use and you’ll find it leads to happier community members –– excited to help others (and you!), ready to pounce on your next offering, and spreading the word about your business. It’s guaranteed to make their course experience – and yours – much easier.

Want a tour of the template? Head to the Student Home template page to grab one for yourself! 

This is only just the beginning. We’re hard at work on more tools to make your course and community experiences streamlined and efficient. Also check out our upcoming events, as we’ll also be available to help you build out this dashboard and optimize your programming and courses.  

Did we just solve some of your biggest problems? Great! IF you’re in the mood show us a little love with an upvote on Product Hunt [link] and help us spread the word about all the amazing tools we’re building.

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