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Building a Community Business with Burb

Danielle Maveal
Dec 9, 2022

As we get to know Burb's first users, we delight in hearing their stories, understanding their path to success, and uncovering so many gems of wisdom. This series aims to share these with you, so the inspiration doesn't stop with the Burb team. Have a community business story to tell? Let us know!

You don’t have to be with Tatiana Figueiredo for long to feel a sense of ease and steadiness that her presence brings. If you’re looking for flashy trends that promise overnight results, you’re in the wrong place. But if you’re looking for a guide to uncover long-lasting, values-driven, and genuine human-first strategies, Tatiana’s course and community, Build a Community Business, is the right place for you.

Tatiana’s deep thoughtfulness might have something to do with her origin story for community work. Tatiana emigrated to the U.S. from Brazil with her family when she was only ten years old. Thrust into a new school, language, social dynamics, and cultural norms, it was her first exposure to the intricacies of community dynamics.

Even my lighthearted question, “How do you like to spend your time?,” quickly turned into deep conversation about the nature of changing relationships during the pandemic and her finding more richness in fewer and deeper relationships. A posture that she has maintained even after she had the choice to go back to the “old way” of operating.

From Problem to Possibility

Tatiana holds a deep respect for her customers, and sees leads as potential community members, preparing each lead to join her course and community through a process she calls a “community funnel”.  The funnel has three phases, understanding, responsibility and possibility with invitations in between each of the steps.

Understanding is the first place people discover a creator's offerings (on social media, hitting a website, or any free content shared). It’s important for leads to feel like you understand them and the challenges they face.

Responsibility is the next phase where you let them know it’s up to them to take action to overcome their challenge. This can happen in your email sequences, on free events you host, anywhere that requires a small investment of time or money to join. The message here is that “you can be a part of your own solution.”

And finally, possibility happens when you directly invite someone to join your community. It can be as simple as a button on your landing page, a 1:1 call or an invitation to join at the end of an event. In the possibility stage, you lead with what can happen if they decide to join the community. It should feel celebratory with room for them to say no and make a decision on their own time.

The “Aha Moment”

In a culture where presenting a curated version of yourself is perpetuated by social media, it is refreshing to come across a leader like Tatiana. Someone who embraces the messiness of genuine encounters. When asked about breakthroughs or “aha moments” that stand out in her work, she shared:

“The aha moment is when they realize they don’t have to be perfect. And it’s more of a requirement that they don’t show up perfectly because it gives permission to others to not show up perfectly. People start to show up as themselves more.”

A community that shows up as themselves is a profound indicator of a fundamental pillar of community: trust. When a member feels safe enough to be vulnerable, that’s when you know you’re on the right track. Trust is a fertile ground for real relationships to begin to take root and for your community to become stronger as a whole.

How Tatiana Uses Burb

It’s no surprise, then, that Tatiana would look for a tool that would help foster genuine and personal relationships in her community. One of the main ways she uses Burb is to schedule direct messages with members. She shares,

“It’s a way to stay in touch with members in a really personal way that is also easy to do at scale.”

As a result, she has received valuable feedback about things that were confusing or needed clarity in her course. She explains: “It’s a good way for them to feel seen and know that someone is listening.”

Tatiana also uses Burb to sort her community into accountability groups and manage the communication with those groups in a simple and personalized way.

Common Mistakes

When asked about common mistakes she has seen course creators make, she quickly said “Too much content is one… less is more. You have to find the core things that people need.” She expanded:

“When you are talking about cohort-based courses, the content is important, but it’s also just the filter to get people in the room. I really think it’s important to be thoughtful about how to bring people together. If it is a course that involves community, the interactions don’t happen if you don’t encourage them. It’s really rare for a community to just organically happen without it being thoughtfully designed. It’s your job to non-prescriptively help people connect around the content that you're building.”

It’s easy to make the connection between the common mistakes Tatiana notices and Burb’s strength in providing users with an easy way to implement their thoughtful design and foster personal and genuine relationships.

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About the author: Bri is a community designer and she has worked in the community world for over seven years. She partners with purposeful brands to create a community of advocates who partner with the brand to create growth. She spends her time in Hawaii and Portland, Oregon chasing waterfalls and dolphins in her spare time.

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