How to Segment Members Based their Onboarding Survey

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A big question from our members, "Can you automate onboarding forms and based on people's responses in the onboarding forms, put them in the right spaces, tag them the right way?"


First thing first, we've got our brand new Typeform integration. So we'll go ahead and connect Typeform to our onboarding form.

So we've already done that here. We built out this little onboarding form. It's a three step name, contact info, what kind of creator you are as well as where you are in your creator journey.

So this is Jay Clouse inspired. Hi Jay!

We'll pop back over here to Automations. New automation you'll see starting today: this new onboarding survey template. We're actually going to go empty to start, so can see how we build it, but know that's in there and that's a great way to go ahead and get started.

Start out with our automation and now you'll see this new option if you've connected Typeform to connect a form. Pick your form, save. Here's where our conditional functionality really shines. Now we can create conditionals based on how your members answered various questions.

Here we'll start with what kind of content do you create? And we'll check and see whether or not the answer contains what we're looking for.

The answers that we have for that question, were writing audio, video, other. If the answer contains writing, we'll then branch the automation. If the answer writing, we can then update the member. We can add a tag to them.

We can also add them to specific spaces, depending on what app we use. So we could add them to a specific Slack channel.

A lot of different options for ways of sorting, messaging and collecting user information. I'll build this out, we'll have a little bit of movie magic, and then come back with responses.

Okay, you can see now when people respond to the form, it will now branch based on what type of grade they are.

I'll go answer the survey and you'll see the responses in just a second.

So now I filled in the form as my Drew Dillon user. You can check and see that I was matched as having filled out the form, all the various steps. So what I said was I was a writer and I created video. So you'll see that I did not get tagged audio, but I did get tagged video.

Find the Drew Dillon user.

You can see I've now been tagged writing, video. Click into those tags, send those folks a message, pick your platform, or go to the messaging tab and send a message there. Build an automation based off of that tagging action. So a lot of different flexible options based on that.

So yeah, thanks so much. That is how to tag members based on responses to their onboarding survey.