How to Migrate Community Platforms Using Burb


Hi everybody. I have another demo for you straight from the inbox. We have a lot of requests for helping people move from one app to another.

"I'm coming from Facebook Groups I'm going to Circle, I'm going to Slack."

We can obviously help support data gathering. Let you know whether your new platform is as successful as your old platform or whether engagement goes up.

But also in the actual automation, the sending of invites, the moving of members over, that's fundamentally the kind of work we love helping with.

Without further ado, I'll show you how to make that work.

Step one, you're gonna want to create a new tag.

This tag will fit your new members. We'll say "New Members - October 26th."

Save. Cool. We've created that new tag there. We'll go ahead and pop right into it.

And now what we'll do is we'll add members.

So Burb can handle both members of an existing connected community space as well as what we call "email-only" members.

These are folks that we basically just have the contact info for.

So we'll move them into this tag, we'll upload member via CSV.

Maybe you've got that CSV from your previous application. Maybe you've gone ahead and created it yourself or taken an interest form or something like that.

So export that csv. And then we'll go ahead and upload it.

Here they are, ta da. So now they're tagged "New Members - October 26th."

So now we're gonna pop into automations. We'll create a new automation. We're gonna look for folks who are tagged with that tag. "New Nembers - October 26th."

So we've got our two members there and now we've got a few different options:

1. We can take action on the app. We can just send them our invite right away.

Pick Circle, pick Slack, send them that invite. The benefit of this approach is they get the invite that comes directly from Circle, and so it looks official.

That invite link is single use only, so there's a little bit of built in security there.

What you might wanna do is actually send them a note ahead of time just to let them know that invite's coming, and you can do that with Gmail.

2. The other way to do it: delete that step and actually put in the invite link here.

As soon as we turn this on, it'll tell us, go ahead and "send to those two members."

We'll say "yes." And that will automatically send that email with the message, the invite link, or fire off the invite to the various platforms.

That is how to migrate everyone from one platform to another using Burb. Thanks so much for watching.