How to Get New Members to Post in the Intros Channel

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In this video you'll learn how to do this automatically, using Burb:

  1. When somebody joins a community, send them a DM.
  2. When they get that DM, prompt them to go post in the cohort channel, introduce themselves, say hi to everybody.
  3. If they don't do that, send them a follow up message maybe after a couple days.
  4. If they do, give them a badge, reward them, gamify the process a little bit.

With our brand new functionality, we can actually do that now.

So let's go ahead.

We'll start with joining Circle. That'll be the first thing. We can do this on Circle, Slack, and Discord. You could even filter by specific Burb tag, that would let you filter by cohort or different types of members.


We will then send them a message.

We can of course send them  a Circle DM, but we can also email them, which is another way of engaging off platform.

Go ahead, post the cohort channel. Save that.


Now what we wanna do is give them a little bit of time to go do that. So we'll put in a wait step. Maybe we give them three days.

And now we'll add a conditional. In the conditional we'll check to see whether they actually took that action.

So took action in app, Circle.

Posted in space. So we'll see whether or not they actually posted. We'll go ahead and pick our cohort 1 space and there you go. Two paths a yes pass. So if they're yes, then we'll go ahead and take action in app. We'll tag the member,

pick our explorer tag there.

And if no, we'll follow up. And now maybe is a good time to actually send them an email because maybe they signed in and didn't go back to Circle. So you  get that re-engagement loop. When you use the Gmail integration, we'll actually send from your email inbox.

And there you have it. There's the full loop.

When a member joins Circle, message the member telling them to go post their intro.

Wait a few days.

If they do, add the explorer tag.

And, if they don't, follow up with them via email.

You can always build on underneath both of those options.

Thanks everyone!