A Community Engagement Notion Template to simplify your engagement planning and amplify your member communications.

If you run a membership and you find yourself:

  • Frustrated with all the “stuff to do” and rushing to communicate with your members
  • Overwhelmed with all the ways members receive information from you
  • Without a place to document and review the full member experience from day 1 to day 100
  • Recreating the steps of promoting content or events each time you launch something new
  • Without time to document the repeatable steps above

Then this template is for you!

Use this template to

  1. Scope, plan and schedule your community engagement calendar - so you know the “when” to communicate the “what”
  2. Define your purpose and stay focused on your goals of your community
  3. Develop key communication messages that you can repurpose again and again
  4. Understand the full breadth of your communication channels and ways to talk with your members

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